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Book of Fears
Book of Fears

Ava Fedorov

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About the Author

Ava Fedorov is a New York based illustrator/artist with a knack for turning a phrase.  She received her Master of Fine Arts in Illustration from FIT in New York City, after having worked at the New Yorker magazine for several years. Her work, both written and visual, has been featured in a variety of magazines and advertizing, on CD and DVD covers and in several illustrated books, including Book of Fears (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008).  An avid explorer, her curiosity has lead her from Mexico to Finland, Ulaan Baatar to Barcelona, Moscow to Tokyo—her journal/sketchbook always in hand, documenting her adventures along the way. Medium or subject notwithstanding, there is an expressive quality, a darker edge, and a feeling of timelessness to all of her illustrations—like something found in a deep antique chest, lost for decades in a shadowy attic, but still vividly alive and compelling.