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Feeling Upon Arrival

Saretta Morgan

Spring 2018
Forthcoming"In this text, the language of theory takes on the character of a metaphysics."
Inspired by the potential of space to order experiences of desire and time, the language in Feeling Upon Arrival turns between orienting device and sensual index. Characters emerge and disperse as gestures across a queered and somatic landscape where absence reveals itself as yet another body to explore. Excerpt ˇ


Absence is, Among Other Things, an Experience of Time.

My knuckle between my teeth. Just before Dunfield Creek Natural Area, one latex glove extends from each toll booth. Powder blue operations. It’s unimaginable to me, our capacity to fuck, still. Our capacity to fuck still, a possibility for thought.

I first encountered Grosz’s Volatile Bodies at 22. Inaccessible then / now I can’t get past page 9 without taking to the bed.
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About the Author

Saretta Morgan
As a text-based artist, Saretta Morgan's work engages relationships between intimacy and organization. Recent writhing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Guardian, The Volta, Nepantla, Apogee and Best American Experimental Writing. She has designed interactive, text-based experiences for The Whitney Museum of American Art, Dia Beacon, and Tenri Cultural Institute. Saretta received a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from Pratt Institute. She is a 2016-2017 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace resident and author of the chapbook, Room for a Counter Interior (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, 2017)

Advance Praise

The precision of language in Feeling Upon Arrival seems to feint, only to land the blow elsewhere. In this text, the language of theory takes on the character of a metaphysics—I think that's what the feint is about. It is a good and hungry almost finding itself in the speaker's body.—Douglas Kearney