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6x6 #36: prodyourheadwithastick
6x6 #36: prodyourheadwithastick

6x6 Poets

Fall 2017
Poems by Anselm Berrigan, Chia-Lun Chang, Cheryl Clarke, Lisa Fishman, Vasilisk Gnedov (translated by Emilia Loseva & Danny Winkler), and Sarah Wang.

Excerpt ˇ



on wine glass
mark of femme-memory.
sage, basil, dill, parsley—
every one harvested from planted pots,
gifts to our worthless, reckless, feckless souls.

and never free of nicotene’s je ne sais quoi— (and never enough reefer—
—no matter your dealer ever busted or robbed in 43 years.)

Then, spotting the wine glass, take it up,
“I prefer the
Malbec, its bright magenta.”

Such cover for sex.

A next morning memory
lipstick traces on wine glass



a gift
against my dread of naming?

— Cheryl Clarke

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