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Morse, My Deaf Friend
Morse, My Deaf Friend

Milos Djurdjevich

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Fall 2014
Buy"Not spreading out nor flowing, not a breath of wind from anywhere"

Morse, My Deaf Friend is the first English-language chapbook to be published in America by the celebrated Croatian poet Miloš Djurdjevic. Morse presents two prose poem cycles from Umbrian Sunstroke and Other Poems, published in Croatia in 2010, and a selection of new poems, some of which will appear in the forthcoming Uninvited Guests and Debts.

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and then it withdraws suddenly, two days of fierce vertigo, the loss of
basic orientation, shiftlessness and confusion like at the mouth of the
tunnel that suddenly ends: that side road you have somehow been sure
you should take, for a while, suddenly forces you out, into the ball
of liquid light that doesn't spill over, you are blinking, waiting, not
knowing where to go next; above you thunder echoes in waves that
are not spreading out nor flowing, not a breath of wind from anywhere

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About the Author

Milos Djurdjevich

Miloš Djurdjevic was born in 1961 on the isle of Rab, Croatia. He is the author of four books of poetry, two books of essays and literary criticism, and the editor of an anthology of contemporary Croatian poetry. His poetry, criticism, and essays are translated and widely published in literary magazines; he has attended literary festivals and seminars in Croatia and abroad. He has translated some thirty books from the English language (poetry, fiction, literary theory, and philosophy). Djurdjevic is the Croatian domain editor for the online literary magazine Poetry International Web ( based in Rotterdam. In 2009, he was writer in residence at Iowa University in the International Writing Program. He lives and works as freelance writer and editor in Zagreb.

Advance Praise

"An ingenious play upon deterritorialization."—Galatea Resurrects