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6x6 #30: Words
6x6 #30: Words

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Poems by Jon Boisvert, Ana Martins Marques (tr. Elisa Wouk Almino), Jeffrey Joe Nelson, Denise Newman, Anzhelina Polonskaya (tr. Andrew Wachtel), and Hirato Renkichi (tr. Sho Sugita).Excerpt ˇ



Walk slowly
For the road is far away
One racing in panic will be troubled
Within self-effacement
Bailing out
Weaving the boundless dreams of objects at rest!
Like a painter
Living a penniless life
Act up to splendor

To the flash of overly animalistic emotions
People are taken ill for.

—Hirato Renkichi (translated from the Japanese by Sho Sugita)

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