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In an effort to increase accessibility, we offer free downloadable “documentation” of many of our books in PDF format with the consent of their respective authors and/or translators.

These free files are not formatted e-books — they are digital proofs. It is our belief that the technology of the physical book is essentially different from that of the print-ready digital file and that the latter does not replace the former, but each serves an essential need. 

Our Digital Proofs Program began in 2013, thanks to UDP author Noel Black (editor of The New Heave Ho) who galvanized our discussions around online accessibility, prompting us to move forward with this initiative. You can read the full press release about the launch of the Digital Proofs Program here. 

Below is an updated list of the titles available in this format in the order that they were added. You can download the PDF file by clicking “PROOF” or click “more info” for the corresponding page on our website where you can purchase a physical copy.

 If you are downloading a file, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to UDP, or buying a book.


Uselysses (Noel Black) — PROOF | more info
Notes on Conceptualisms (Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman) — PROOF | more info
Walking Across a Field We Are Focused on at This Time Now (Sara Wintz) — PROOF | more info
Thank You for the Window Office (Maged Zaher) — PROOF | more info
The History of Violets (Marosa di Giorgio, translated by Jeannine Marie Pitas) — PROOF | more info
Neighbor (Rachel Levitsky) — PROOF | more info
El Golpe Chileño (Julien Poirier) — PROOF | more info
One of a Kind (Jack Micheline) — PROOF | more info
Dear Body: (Dan Machlin) — PROOF | more info
To Light Out (Karen Weiser) — PROOF | more info
A Different Practice (Fredrik Nyberg, translated by Jennifer Hayashida) PROOF | more info
Cursivisms (Will Hubbard) — PROOF | more info
Unbecoming Behavior (Kate Colby) PROOF | more info
The Return of the Native (Kate Colby) — PROOF | more info
Hello Failure (Kristen Kosmas) — PROOF | more info