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  • 6x6 final issue (#36) release party

    On September 8, UDP celebrated the final launch of our long-running poetry magazine, 6x6, at the Knockdown Center in Queens. Poetry was read, music was played, and 6x6 corner confetti was strewn…


    Anna Gurton-Wachter
    Anselm Berrigan
    Bridget Talone
    Chia-Lun Chang
    Katy Lederer
    Kristen Gallagher
    Sarah Wang
    Ted Dodson
    Thibault Raoult
    Tony Iantosca


    Daniel Carter and Loren Connors
    Horse Lords
    I Feel Tractor
    Matt Mottel

    6x6 #36 features poems by Anselm Berrigan, Chia-Lun Chang, Cheryl Clarke, Lisa Fishman, Vasilisk Gnedov (translated by Emilia Loseva & Danny Winkler), and Sarah Wang.

    Our thanks to Kevin Remy for taking these photographs.

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