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2015 Subscriptions are now closed. 2016 Subscriptions will be available in September. (Institutions: please click “Libraries,” above.)For our Full Presse subscriptions you can now choose to spread your payments out across 12 months (beginning when you sign up; books will start to arrive in early 2015). International subscriptions are priced higher to account for shipping costs; details are on the checkout screen.

Chapbook Subscription SUBSCRIBE NOW  $50
All chapbooks published in 2015(at least 7 books)

Full Presse Subscription: SUBSCRIBE NOW: $185. Get billed monthly (U.S. only) $15.50/mo
— ALL 2015 regular edition titles and periodicals (approximately 24 titles) at cost of production and mailing in US
— UDP Membership Card (15% off your online purchases)
— Invitation to Cellar Series live recordings held in our studio

Supporting Subscription: SUBSCRIBE NOW $250 (select “Supporting”). Get billed monthly $21/mo (U.S. only)
— Full Presse Subscription, plus:
— Invitation to a cocktail reception with UDP editors and authors
— Your support credited in our print catalog and on our site
— Feel good about a tax-deductible donation to the Presse
($75 is tax-deductible)

Bibliophile Subscription: SUBSCRIBE NOW $500 (select “Bibliophile”). Get billed monthly $42/mo (U.S. only)
— Supporting Subscription benefits, plus:
— Special Editions
— Ephemera (posters, bookmarks, postcards)
($200 is tax-deductible)

Collector’s Circle: SUBSCRIBE NOW $1000 (select “Collector”). Get billed monthly $83.50/mo (U.S. only)
— Bibliophile benefits, plus:
— A unique artist book, created by the UDP collective, in a limited edition exclusively for Collector’s Circle members.
($500 is tax-deductible)