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UDP offers occasional low-cost seminars — from intensive one-day sessions to ongoing weekly workshops — in writing, poetics, and bookmaking, usually taught by UDP authors. We will post details and registration information for upcoming seminars on this page.

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Past seminars:
The Japanese Stab Stitch and You
(a one-day, hands-on bookbinding workshop)

Bookmaking 101

One to Five-session Poetry, Mixed-Genre and Poetics Workshops with Rob Fitterman, Catherine Taylor and Filip Marinovich


+ Coptic Binding Intensive

A one-day bookbinding workshop with Woody Leslie
Conducted at the UDP Letterpress Studio

July 20, 2014, 10:30am-5:00pm

Inspired by the positive response to our June Bookbinding Workshop, UDP is pleased to announce the Coptic Intensive. Taught by Woody Leslie, former UDP Artist-In-Residence, this workshop will take place on Sunday, July 20th, for one glorious day of bookbinding. Beginning at 10:30am, and ending at 5:00pm, the workshop will be divided into two sections, with an hour-long break for lunch. The workshop will focus exclusively on the beautiful coptic binding technique, and students will learn how to make a coptic bound sketchbook/journal.

Coptic binding is an ancient binding structure with two hard covers and an open spine, chain-linked with thread. The open spine allows the book to lay flat when opened, making it ideal for writing or drawing in, not to mention beautifully distinct on your book shelf.

The entire process will be covered, from tearing large sheets of paper to size, folding them, assembling sections & piercing them, constructing cloth-bound covers, and of course binding the whole book together. Each student will make their own, so everyone will go home not only with their own handmade book, but also the knowledge to make more again in the future. Students have the option to bring in their own fabric or paper for the book covers–it’s a great way to immortalize an old beloved t-shirt or the like, too worn to be worn anymore.

The workshop is $60. Admission is limited to 10 participants. Classes take place in UDP’s letterpress studio. Participants must bring their own lunch, coffee provided by UDP.

In order to receive a refund, any notice of cancellation must be given by July 14th. To reserve a spot in the class, click here.

+ June Bookbinding Workshops

Taught by Woody Leslie, former UDP Artist-In-Residence, this is a series of workshops on bookbinding, covering 5 different styles of book structure: the pamphlet stitch, long stitch, stab binding, fold books, & Coptic binding. Each workshop will cover the entire process of making the chosen book style, from preparing paper all the way through binding. Students will leave each workshop with one or more books they have made, and the knowledge and wherewithal to make more books on their own.

Interested students may sign up for the entire series, or individual workshops. Skills will be built upon in successive workshops, but students can start at any point in the series without any prior experience, while returning students will not be bogged down with repeated material.

$30 per class / $ 100 for all 5 classes. Enrollment is limited to 6 students per class. Classes take place in UDP’s letterpress workshop.


I. The Pamphlet Stitch & Variations

Workshop I will cover the pamphlet stitch, and the building blocks of bookbinding.

II. Simple Multi-Section Binding: The Long Stitch
Building on techniques from the pamphlet stitch, this workshop will cover ways to make multi-section books without paste or glue. Students will each make their own paper-cover notebook, utilizing the long stitch.

III. Stab Binding
Stab binding is a technique used to bind a set of single sheets, perfect for making your own scrap book or photo album, ideal for flip books, or a nice way to compile your own writing or prints. Each student will make their own blank stab bound book, as well as follow a few basic exercises to learn the vast potential for binding variation that this style presents.

IV. Accordion & Fold Books
The fact is, if you fold a piece of paper in half, you already have a book. We’re going to extrapolate this simple concept and learn how to make a variety of tiny books, fold books, and accordion books–from the simple, to the elegant & complicated–without any need for binding.

V. Coptic Binding
Coptic binding is an ancient binding structure with two hard covers and an open spine chain-linked with thread.


+ Documenting Differently: Working with Hybrid Genres

A one-day intensive seminar with Catherine Taylor
Incorporating a field trip to Interference Archive

May 19, 2013, 11:00-5:00.

Through encounters with the hybrid essay and documentary poetry, this seminar will, as Bhanu Kapil writes, “think about syntax as the place where cultural expressions might most accurately unfold.” How might you write histories: public, personal, political, private, archival, or observed?  What forms of language could you explore? We’ll encounter collage literally and figuratively as we assemble a collection of models for writing, and then write or assemble something ourselves. Examples we’ll engage might include: Charles Reznikoff, Muriel Rukeyser, George Oppen, Kamau Brathwaite, Ed Sanders,Rachel Blau Du Plessis, Ammiel Alcalay, C. S.Giscombe, Brenda Coultas, Mark Nowak, Jill Magi, Jena Osman, Bhanu Kapil, Christian Hawkey. Feel free to bring in work-in-progress, archival materials, visual images, documents, etc.

Limited to 12 students.

+ Let Me Tell You What I'm Doing Here: a Manifesto Lab

with Robert Fitterman

What are you up to as a poet, writer or artist? How would you define that? Who or what is your work in dialog with? This class is designed as a seminar/writing lab/workshop where we develop strategies for articulating what we do as culture makers through reading and writing other poet/artist statements. Some of the statements or manifestos might include: Marinetti, Tzara, Loy, Mayakovsky, Breton, Picabia, Masotta, Rainer, Bernstein & Andrews, De Campos, Goldsmith, Hartung Zuckerman, Pussy Riot and others that participants will contribute. Together we will discuss these manifestos and artists’ statements, create our own pieces based on these models (lab), and present our own works within an articulated context. Works in any medium welcomed.

Six Mondays beginning October 1, 2012. 7:00-9:30. At UDP. $250. 

Limited to 10 students.

Please address any questions to

Reading Poets by Sun Sign: a Writing Workshop (Taurus)

With Filip Marinovich

Three Tuesday evenings: April 23rd, April 30st, and May 7th.
7:00-9:30 at the UDP workshop.
$150 (includes a UDP membership worth $50). If you’re a current subscriber or member you will receive a $50 discount.
Enrollment limited to ten students.


Watch a video about this workshop on CA Conrad’s Paranormal Poetics

This is an ongoing workshop that uses astrological sun signs as a lens through which to study and create poetry. This three-session installment takes place in Taurus 2013.

Beginning the week of Shakespeare’s birthday, we will read and discuss works by the Bard (focusing on King Lear), as well as poetry by Joseph Ceravolo, Lyn Hejinian, and Harmony Holiday. Readings will lead to in-class writing sessions, accompanied by the music of Tauruses Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charles Mingus (composer of “Taurus In The Arena of Life.” )

Students of any Sun Sign are encouraged to attend!

Filip Marinovich is a poet living in New York City. He has taught poetry workshops at Columbia University (2008), The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church (2011), and for the Woodbery Poetry Room at Harvard University (2011). In the fall of 2011 Filip served as a librarian of The People’s Library at Zuccotti Park and co-editor, with Stephen Boyer, of the “Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology.” He is the author of AND IF YOU DON’T GO CRAZY I’LL MEET YOU HERE TOMORROW (UDP, 2011) and ZERO READERSHIP (UDP, 2008). He is an amateur astrologer developing the ongoing workshop “Reading Poets By Sun Sign” at the intersection of Word, Star, and Time. He holds an MFA in Poetry from Columbia University School of the Arts.