Ugly Duckling Presse

UDP books are distributed by a variety of distributors. Most are available through SPD / Small Press Distribution (, and some through DAP, Consortium, and Activair. We work with many stores on a consignment basis, especially for our chapbooks and our magazine 6×6, which are not available through distributors. We offer a standard 40% discount to booksellers on direct orders for single titles (must be more than one copy). Returns are accepted for full refund, as long as they are returned safely packed and in good condition.

For direct / consignment orders: Please send a purchase order by email to

We also have a Partner Bookstore program made up of independent bookstores around the country, through which booksellers are given special discounts in exchange for keeping their shelves well-stocked with our books and chapbooks. In addition, there are about 50 bookstores around the country that receive copies of 6×6 magazine (three times a year).

If you are interested in 6×6 magazine or in the Partner Bookstore program, please contact Matvei Yankelevich:


Ugly Duckling Presse offers a special yearly Library Subscription, which is a good alternative to the Standing Order. You may buy it through the website ( or send a purchase order to orders [at]

For direct orders of specific titles please send a purchase order with your list of titles to: orders [at] For standing orders, please contact Matvei Yankelevich: matvei [at]

Many of our titles are also available through the usual library-distribution services as well as through SPD.

If you have any questions please contact us at 347-948-5170.