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6x6 #20: big ships straddle the horizon
6x6 #20: big ships straddle the horizon

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Poems by Emily Anicich, Billy Cancel, Michael Nicoloff, Frances Richard, Elizabeth Robinson, and M. A. Vizsolyi Excerpt ˇ


From 6x6 #20:

your stubby slavic fingers be not far
from my mouth when i’m saying something
that will make everyone in the room
close their eyes & shake their heads
& one girl kiss me on the cheek & grab
my hand & take me to her room & say
what big beautiful gloves you bought
your fingers are so slavic there are
tiny hairs on the knuckles i want to
part them down the middle & draw tiny
sunglasses on each one & introduce them
to my zipper they will mess up their
hair & grow tiny wings & they will
carry me from this world to burger king

—M. A. Vizsolyi (from The Love Sonnets)

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