Ugly Duckling Presse

"gare of the windshield cicada"

Lyric Hunter

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Numbered and signed by the author. Designed and printed using lead type and polymer plates at the UDP studio for a Lighght Reading at The Floating Library, September 21, 2014.


Excerpt ˇ


gare of the windshield cicada

village mountains

cicada green yellow

sun down cicada

cicada silence

turned at the rocks

green moss gods rocks

grave greed green darkness

trees hung green leaves

green bugs and green


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About the Author

Lyric Hunter
Photo credit: Olivia de Salve Villedieu

Lyric Hunter's poems and drawings have appeared in Poems by Sunday. A graduate of the Cooper Union School of Art, she currently lives and works in New York City. Swallower is her first chapbook.