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Moving Blanket
Moving Blanket

Kostas Anagnopoulos

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Buy"[the poems] ride on subtle mild currents that can turn unexpectedly into eddies of grace…"
The first full length book of poetry by Kostas Anagnopoulos, offers a dislocated sense of movement as an entry point into the instability of daily life. Moving Blanket features poems that the New York Times described as ones which “aren't closed systems but seem to be seeking an iPad or a Droid to infiltrate.” As the writing weaves between prosaic and dreamlike, the poems allude to a collage wrought with juxtaposed images reflective of the experience of our currently fractured reality.

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About the Author

Kostas Anagnopoulos
Kostas Anagnopoulos is the founding editor of Insurance Editions, and his chapbooks include DaydreamIrritant, and Various Sex Acts. A new chapbook, Some of My Reasons, is forthcoming from Insurance. Kostas was born and raised in Chicago, and he now lives in Queens, New York.

Advance Praise

"Mr. Anagnopoulos is engaging ... and zips us from nano-moment to nano-moment."—The New York Times
"The poems in Moving Blanket seem to measure the nearly imperceptible moment in which consciousness becomes aware of itself as language. Elusive yet vivid, they ride on subtle mild currents that can turn unexpectedly into eddies of grace or passion. In the end, we have been on a journey without destination, other than the unfurling of an intimacy between a poet and his world: 'I sit on our bench again / Things are happening around me.'"—Ann Lauterbach
"Weather, meteorological and mental, is at the heart of Kostas Anagnopoulos’s poetic universe. A strong sense of someone home, watchful on his perch, invites us to clamber up and join the lofty view, as the words suddenly turn, beaming: 'We must tell the world!'"—Bill Berkson
"Of all the exciting linguistic effects of Kostas Anagnopoulos's poems—line-by-line shifts in perspective and perception, familiar phrases reconfigured—the most remarkable is ultimately the emerging voice—'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPOULOS'—of the lively and original poet himself." —Paul Violi