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Wolfman Librarian
Wolfman Librarian

Filip Marinovich

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Spring 2015
Buy"Marinovich is a queer poet for the ages."
Wolfman Librarian is an episodic epic poem on impermanence and suffering set in New York City and Paris during recent global spring and fall uprisings. In rattling city speech-trains lovers piece each other together and offer carnivalesque resistance to the status quo in an effort to revitalize, heal, and wake up world. It is the third book in a trilogy that includes Zero Readership and And If You Don't Go Crazy I'll Meet You Here Tomorrow.Excerpt ˇ


I walked down Wall Street tonight and it felt

as if someone was walking inside me

another person taking steps for me

My executioner told me I couldn't write September Eleventh poetry

I'm breathing again the World will become a New City

People will hug in the street Elizabethanly

We will invent a new language together

Queen Elizabeth will return from her coven

Covent Garden and all will sing opera

on the steps of the Federal Building joining hands

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About the Author

Filip Marinovich

Filip Marinovich is the author of Zero Readership and And If You Don't Go Crazy I'll Meet You Here Tomorrow, both published by Ugly Duckling Presse. In Fall 2011 Filip served as librarian at The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street and worked with Stephen Boyer as co-compiler of "The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology" as well as performing in the weekly Poetry Assembly. Wolfman Librarian is his third book of poetry.

Advance Praise

A philotextual dingaround densely unclogged from these our so very strung states. Viewed from edgeling of fledge hook, traipsed down to stockwash of the final semesters, when flat comes to sharp we'll need this stash manual unbound from all horizons. Take it!—Clark Coolidge
Poet Marinovich is never at a loss for words. An ear that won't quit. Faster than a speeding bulletin board, able to leap traditions with a single bound—he's a bird, he's a plane, he's about as open as you can get. —Joanne Kyger
Filip Marinovich's Wolfman Librarian creates a language, which, through surreptitious weaving, unclaims opacity, unclaims its power to contaminate, snaking its way through the quotidian amalgam.—Will Alexander
As if in cheerful séance with Ginsberg, O’Hara, and other local ghosts, the wild Filip Marinovich mouths off with such sublime energy and such associational genius (his imagination divinely unmanacled) that I joyfully proclaim him not merely our revolutionary librarian but our visionary laureate. Bravo to Marinovich, master of eruption, learnéd detour, and focused vernacular flow!—Wayne Koestenbaum
At bay, at the door, but on the other hand this is us at war, our amplified howl, din our constant study, Filip Marinovich our glissed-out guide. It's fucked up that how fucked up it is is this much fun. —Fred Moten