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Liliana Ponce

translated by Michael Martin Shea

Fall 2018
Inspired by Ponce’s long-standing practice of keeping a daily journal, Diary is a twenty-part sequence that mixes the monotony of a long summer, the anxiety of creation, and a lush dream-scape of forests and vines. The poem meditates on what it means to remember, to wander, and to write while the shadow of the void, of an inevitable nothingness that hides in glances and small objects, lurks beneath the surface. "¿Qué es lo que recomienza?" Ponce asks—what is it that begins again? And where can you begin? Diary introduces English-language readers to the work of one of Argentina's most singular writers. 
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Wandering, I risk my own limit. The risk is a loss. If I could wander in the silence, I’d find myself at your side, I could be that forgotten phrase, the one that’s missing, living in the sparkling of buildings without infinity.
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About the Author

Liliana Ponce
Liliana Ponce (Buenos Aires, 1950) is a poet and scholar of Japanese literature and writing. She holds a degree in literature from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and has published five books of poetry in Argentina: Trama continua (Corregidor, 1976), which was awarded the Primer Premio Fondo Nacional de las Artes; Composición (Ultimo Reino, 1984); Teoría de la voz y el sueño (tsé-tsé, 2001); Fudekara (tsé-tsé, 2008); and Paseante y Huésped (Club Hem, 2016). Her poems, essays, and translations of Japanese poetry have appeared in journals both in Argentina and internationally, including Mandorla 8, and her poetry has been featured in many anthologies, including Antología de la Poesía Argentina (Casa de las Américas, Cuba, 1999); Poesía Erótica Argentina (Manantial, Arg., 2002); Antología de Poetas Argentinas 1940-1950 (Ed. del Dock, Arg., 2006), and 200 años de Poesía Argentina (Alfaguara, Arg.,, 2010). Her work has been previously translated into French and was included in Voix d´Argentine (París, 2006).

About the Translator

Michael Martin Shea
Michael Martin Shea is the author of the chapbooks "Soon" (Garden-Door Press) and The Immanent Field (Essay Press). A former Fulbright Fellow to Argentina, his own poems and essays have appeared in Conjunctions, Fence, Jacket2, jubilat, and elsewhere. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and serves as managing editor of the Best American Experimental Writing anthology series.