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Boys Quarter
Boys Quarter

Chukwuma Ndulue

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Fall 2017
Buy"… the language shivers and snorts with life."
Boys Quarter is in many ways an expedition. An exploration of the self and the environment and how the two are bound to meet somewhere between city and field.

Excerpt ˇ



     There are things
I never told you

about the summers,
     enough to fill

     the thickest left-
handed bible.

The boys with
     their flat and rosy

     knuckles living
the dream of fighters

tangle, twist, ache.
     What we did with little

     reason: betray
the weaknesses

of disused lovers,
     roll through parties

     in sixes. On the banks
you can smell

personality cooked
     over tin foil—tears

     with every jab
blood with every blow.

Remember the utility
     in loving fitfully?

     Disassembled friends, we
drown now below

the currents, carrying
     pocket curses. Filling

     the gorge seven
axe handles deep.

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About the Author

Chukwuma Ndulue
Chukwuma Ndulue is a writer, teacher, and occasional small engine mechanic. His work has appeared in Boaat, Muse/A Journal, Impakter and Tinderbox. He has been the recipient of grants and fellowships from Columbia University.

Advance Praise

Loneliness clings to these salty, self-flagellating poems, but the language shivers and snorts with life. And from a landscape of concrete, needles, used condoms, moth lights, and rats, a loving spirit emerges.—Henri Cole