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Let Me Be Clear
Let Me Be Clear

Cara Benson

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Spring 2016
Poems from Bernie Sanders' filibuster speech on December 10, 2010 as (re)written at Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility in Wilton, New York by D. Anderson, Jerry Andrew, RC Brown, Jareau Carter, Daniel Felder, Dempsey Hawkins, JJ Davies, Ismael Melendez, Danny Nelson, & Eric Perez. Excerpt ˇ


the people hear America. Our
posterity listens in on Wall Street.
We have questions as to the privacy
of politics. We will always have questions
about institutional gangsters wanting to
expand and create an economy Reich
somewhere in the G.D.P. of our country.

from "A Constitution," by RC BrownClose ˆ

About the Editor

Cara Benson is the author of the book (made). Her poems have appeared in The New York Times, Boston Review, Best American Poetry, and elsewhere. She is the current Chair of the PEN Prison Writing Committee and has been teaching a weekly workshop at Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility since 2005.