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Here, Too
Here, Too

Jennifer Nelson

Broadside $20
Spring 2016
Buy"Everyone murders so everyone eats."
Designed and printed using lead type at UDP in a signed edition of 200 for a reading at The Poetry Project in Manhattan, NY on February, 29 2016.Excerpt ˇ


Here, Too

Here too many things stand in relation,
and every human thing retreats.
Empire is the only form of preservation.

Liberals letterpress an invitation
to dance to Other people's beats.
Here too many things stand in relation

to allow for any real vacation.
Everyone murders so everyone eats.
Empire is the only form of preservation

that polices its ritual predation
so the entrails explain the elites.
Here too many things stand in relation:

even empire's own obliteration
fantasy plays the game and cheats.
Empire is only the form of preservation.

Imagine history without salvation.
A form obsessed with loss repeats.
Here, too, many things stand in relation.
Empire is the only form of preservation.
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About the Author

Jennifer Nelson
Photo credit: Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer Nelson is a postdoctoral fellow at the Michigan Society of Fellows and assistant professor in the Department of the History of Art at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She formerly edited poetry at Epiphany and Washington Square Review. She holds degrees from Yale University, New York University, the Courtauld Institute, and Harvard College. Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife is her first full-length book of poems.