Ugly Duckling Presse

biograph>last year was pretty//shitty

Claudia La Rocco, Iver Findlay, Joey Truman

Fall 2018
Forthcoming"… expressing a newfound potential for performance language and practice beyond the stage."
This book is neither documentation, nor illustration, of the Findlay//Sandsmark work biograph>last year was pretty//shitty—it isn’t ancillary, but primary, though of course deeply related to, invested in and tangled up with the live event and the process of making that event. Maybe the best way to think of it is as its own performative space, in which the theater piece can have an alternate or reimagined life: a printed performance that works with unreliable narrations or documentations, and ‘truthful’ fictions, exposing a nostalgia for the present and a fear of the past and all that has been pre-recorded. Biograph involves the idea of notation as unreliable narrator—acknowledging the troublesome and exciting frailties that exist in all attempts at performance documentation. Much like biograph (the performance), which attempts to tease out a nostalgia for the present through a layering of forms (dance, video, theater, text, sound), the book was approached as a combustible space in which different materials (images, words, space) rub up against one another, insisting on their own autonomy although all the while continuing to corrupt each other, so that there isn’t one single text or voice but a series of overlapping ones.

Excerpt ˇ


the quiet of stage time
the dancer a moving image in a sea of

Revisionist histories run deep

Don’t act like a fucking baby .. fuck you. Fuck you.

She washes her hands, making sure to count out 20 seconds, the water cool against her cold hands. The soap’s scent is delicate, its pale yellow liquid marked by dark grains. She dries her hands on the mauve colored hand towels.

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About the Author

Claudia La Rocco, Iver Findlay, Joey Truman
Iver Findlay is an artist and director working across the fields of live performance, film and video. Claudia La Rocco is a writer whose work frequently revolves around interdisciplinary projects and collaborations. Joey Truman is a Writer/Performer/Musician/Visual Artist/Actor in precisely that order. Joe is from Wyoming. Iver is based in Stavanger, Norway. Like Claudia, he used to live in Brooklyn, NY, where Joey still lives. Iver helped to found The Collapsable Giraffe, a group which Joe has worked a lot with. Claudia never worked with that group, but she is the author of the novel petit cadeau, and The Best Most Useless Dress, selected poetry, performance texts, images and criticism; Joe, himself a novelist twice over and a musician in three bands, makes an appearance in one of Claudia’s books, and he has also made appearances with Jim Findlay, Jim Dawson, Jeff Sugg, Jack Warren, Gandalf Gavan, Young Jean Lee, Diane Madden, Eric Dyer, and Stephen Moses, among other very notable artists. Iver has worked with a lot of those artists, and has recently worked as a creator, director, collaborator, and video artist for a number of international and Norwegian projects, along with producing his own work with the company Findlay//Sandsmark. One of these works is biograph>last year was pretty//shitty, which Joe starred in and Claudia wrote a text for, and which they are now making into a book.

Advance Praise

It’s as if last call at the theater bar came and went but these strange bedfellows stuck around anyway, scrawling big visions on cocktail napkins and expressing a newfound potential for performance language and practice beyond the stage.—Lane Czaplinski