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A Handbook of Disappointed Fate
A Handbook of Disappointed Fate

Anne Boyer

Spring 2018
Forthcoming"The kind of poet and prose author who makes you come alive to touching feeling."
A Handbook of Disappointed Fate highlights a decade of Anne Boyer’s interrogative writing on love, art, time, mortality, Kansas City, and other impossible questions. This collection includes essays on Mary J. Blige, lambs, revolutions, Missy Elliot, the law, Colette, and some of the ways we can refuse a living death.
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In that year made from the minutes of our senses, we held our cognitive after-the- flood. There we were the lambs appropriating the contents of the sky and the field for the lambs. The shadows formed by clouds were a literature. We heard love songs in the nearness of each other’s backs; we saw monuments in our shared perception of quivers. We knew what was above our heads not as hawk and not-hawk: we knew the air as the air.

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About the Author

Anne Boyer
Anne Boyer was born in Topeka, Kansas, in 1973. Her books include A Romance of Happy Workers, My Common Heart, and the CLMP award-winning Garments Against Women. She lives in Kansas City.

Advance Praise

While this book is often at moments serious and profound in its indictments of the self promoting seriousness of the thing we call poetry, what I love most about it is the way it takes its whimsy so seriously. And yet it isn’t all whimsy. Because cancer shows up too. And the travails of women writers. And also Langston Hughes on trial. And Mary J Bilge too.—Juliana Spahr
How is Anne Boyer so good? Let me count the ways. It might be that she’s the kind of poet and prose author who makes you come alive to touching feeling, which is to say, to forms of poetry that are alive.—Ava Kauffman, Feministing