Ugly Duckling Presse


Edwin Frank

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Out of Print"I make a bundle. Of money? No, of sticks"

Stack is a long poem in an accordion-format, letterpress printed on a heavy acid-free stock. It comes in a silk-screened felt pouch. This chapbook was designed by Linda Trimbath and Matvei Yankelevich and printed at the Ugly Duckling Presse Workshop in an edition of 300, of which 50 were signed and numbered by the author.

Excerpt ˇ


I make a stack, smack
in the middle of things, or off
a little to the side
(the thing is, it 
doesn't matter where it goes).

I heap up bricks.
I build a house.
I pile up branches.
I light a fire.
I make a bundle. Of money? No, of sticks

gathered in
coming and going
about the fields in the bright
morning light after
the night's storm.

Close ˆ

About the Author

Edwin Frank was born and raised in the state of Colorado. He lives in Brooklyn and works at New York Review Books. He is the author of The Further Adventures of Pinocchio.