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Leaving Leaving Behind Behind
Leaving Leaving Behind Behind

Inger Wold Lund

Poetry/Fiction | $12 $9
Spring 2015
Buy"Lund makes these small scenes into instant and almost tactile objects."
In Leaving Leaving Behind Behind Berlin-based visual artist and writer Inger Wold Lund elevates the daily mundane by committing fleeting moments to memory. A series of short-short stories representing the world as the author knows it, each story, despite its brevity, appears fully-realized, almost as a photograph. Leaving Leaving Behind Behind is Lund's first collection in English. Excerpt ˇ


Some days ago. At a café.
We sat on tall chairs around a table. He was telling me about translations of Kafka.
‘In the French translations there are several mistakes.’
He said, before mentioning a sentence from ‘The Judgement’:
‘He left. Then he closed the door.’
‘In the original there is only one sentence.’
‘He left and closed the door’.Close ˆ

About the Author

Inger Wold Lund
Photo credit: Aeron Bergman
Inger Wold Lund (Bergen, 1983) is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Lund is educated at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm; and Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main. Recent exhibitions include Museo Apparente, Napoli; Galerie Parisa Kind, Frankfurt am Main; Hordaland Art Center, Bergen, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo; Galleri Box, Gothenburg; and INCA, Seattle. Her first book in her native Norwegian will be published by Flamme Forlag (Spring 2015). She is a current recipient of a work grant from BKV-Fond for Visual Artists, Norway.

Advance Praise

Reminiscent of a film script. . . Lund makes these small scenes into instant and almost tactile objects, cleared of affective noise.—Stian Gabrielsen
It is impressive to write about nothing, but Wold manages well. Here there are small, quirky or embarrassing episodes from the life of a young woman. No event is too small, it can circle around drinking soda where a mosquito has landed, or where to find a place for the glass at an art opening. The quality lies in the skill of observing the small things, and in the subtle tone. This is feel good short prose, at times with a funny/melancholic edge.—Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK
The Russian formalist Viktor Sjklovskij claimed that it was the task of poetry to tear appart our automatized relationship with the world, through among other things a shift in perspective. 'Ingenting skjedde' makes us not only open our eyes to the nice, strange and comical things that happen in the book, but also in our own lives. Because often it is not that nothing happens, but that we are too busy running in our own footprints to notice it.—Gina Tandberg,