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6x6 #33: *A bottle is perfectly beautiful
6x6 #33: *A bottle is perfectly beautiful

6x6 Poets

Fall 2015
Buy"I would like to congratulate you / You do not exist"
Poems by Amanda Berenguer (translated from the Spanish by Gillian Brassil & Alex Verdolini), Jeremy Hoevenaar, Krystal Languell, Holly Melgard, Marc Paltrineri, and Cat Tyc.Excerpt ˇ


from Tonight This Is Our Last Song

There goes a man who loves his parents. Tell the people.

What the cops aren’t supposed to do—entrapment née sting.

A long list. The commissioner says blindness, hot item.

Laptops have been a hot item for theft since their invention.

Jagged cut in half, and half my heart is under a hood.

The rest yelling through the wall. Being a bad neighbor.

You want to get paid and I know you were taught that.

He hosted the parties, he didn’t really party. He was busy.

— Krystal LanguellClose ˆ

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