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Leonard Schwartz: The Library of Seven Readings
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Poetry | $10
Hand-bound. 40 pp, 7 x 7 in.
Publication Date: April 1, 2008


A long poem, hand-bound and encased in letterpressed and rubber-stamped covers.

"Leonard Schwartz's poems introduce philosophical meditation to emotional sensibility in a way that has become unusual in contemporary poetry. In his work, one feels the risk, even the vertigo, of the mind orienting itself to otherness, to world, and to language. The sublimating and uplifting rhythms of his poems are pierced with veins of divinity. One might say in fact that the body of his work unwinds a long Gnostic inquiry that begins to articulate the contradictions and complexities of a significant and richly felt thought."

Leonard Schwartz

Leonard Schwartz's most recent books are IF and At Element, both published by Talisman House. Other books of poetry include A Message Back And Other Furors (Chax Press), The Tower Of Diverse Shores (Talisman House), and Language As Responsibility (Tinfish Editions). An e-book, The Production of Subjectivity: Conversations with Michael Hardt recently was issued by The Conversant.  In recent years he has read from his work at international festivals, conferences, and universities in China, Turkey, France, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Australia, Argentina, and Peru, as well as at numerous venues in the U.S., ranging from the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, to the University of Hawaii, Naropa, The University of Oklahoma Norman, Duke University, and the St. Marks Poetry Project in New York City. Schwartz also hosts the radio program Cross Cultural Poetics, archived online at Pennsound. He teaches at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.