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6x6 #29: Reduced to Survival
6x6 #29: Reduced to Survival

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Poems by Stephanie Anderson, Kate Colby, Steffi Drewes, Hugo Margenat (tr. by Vero González), Masin Persina, Adam Tobin.Excerpt ˇ



If you and I want to be an object, want to be an object

If you and I—like a thing husking itself toward the air—

were to go to a tree trunk (vigorous, thick)

and lose ourselves in lithe movements.

If you and I—

acquaintances as of waters in flushed waters,

lifted in swells like the pink legs of a (fervent) girl-child—

were to head for the woods, riding

over the longing of poppies,

from your hungry furrows—

from my arm that plants—

we would pull out the sphere in twelve throbs.

-Hugo Margenat (translated from the Spanish by Vero González)

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