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Miss Variant Bland
Miss Variant Bland

Roger Williams

illustrated by Rafael Kelman

Poetry/Broadside $5
Buy"My thin aphasia's typical/sodden eeks out (No?)"

Limited edition broadside featuring a poem by Roger Williams and an illustration by Rafael Kelman.

Printed letterpress in three colors, at UDP, signed and numbered.

Excerpt ˇ


My thin aphasia's typical
sodden eeks out (No?)
the reed treading cases
told about some soar
did burn it ("Freeeeeze!")

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About the Author

Roger Williams lives with his wife Robin Dorn, an artist and illustrator, about an hour north of San Francisco where he taught at San Francisco State University until his retirement in 1987. A long time before, he studied poetry with Ted Roethke and Louise Bogan and, for some forty years, set poems to music—Wilde, Patchen, Creely, Merwin and many others. Now he writes these poems, but he does not set them to music. His poetry has appeared in: 6x6, Experiential-Experimental Literature, Counterexample Poetics, OtolithsYgdrasil, Eskimop, and Mu mu magazine.