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Das Gedichtete
Das Gedichtete

Patrick James Dunagan

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Buy"A passionate, questing heart on a sleeve for poetry."

Das Gedichtete (or un thème et variations du poétique) is book of raw material shaped by the elements in Dunagan’s mind and chosen by the poet with great care. Local and galactic resonances, basic Songsmithing. The grumblings and ecstasies of a lifer in the guild. “Das Gedichtete,” after Walter Benjamin: “the poetized,” or that which “in an ideal sense, preexists each particular poem but is realized only in the poem’s creation.”

Excerpt ˇ


Slowed rate of starlight

every hazy smudge of light

bursting galaxies offer

surprising behavior

the work confirms

that highest echo in the glen

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About the Author

Patrick James Dunagan
Patrick James Dunagan lives in San Francisco and works at Gleeson library for the University of San Francisco. His books include "there are people who think that painter's shouldn't talk": A GUSTONBOOK (Post Apollo), her friends down at the french cafe had no english words for me (PUSH), Spirit Guest & others (Lew Gallery), and from Chansonniers (Blue).