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6x6 #28: Sir Lizard Threw a Party
6x6 #28: Sir Lizard Threw a Party

6x6 Poets

Poetry/Periodical/6x6 $5
Poems by Jon Curley, Katie Fowley, Dmitry Golynko, Dan Ivec, Alejandra Pizarnik (translated from the Spanish by Yvette Siegert), and Matt Reeck.

This issue of 6x6 was designed by Claire DeVoogd & Katherine Bogden. Covers printed letterpress at Ugly Duck Presse, using Polymer plates from Boxcar Press.Excerpt ˇ


From 6x6 #28


a faint wind

filled with the folded faces

that i cut out onto shapes of things to love

-- Alejandra Pizarnik (translated from Yvette Siegert)

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