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Sixty Morning Talks
Sixty Morning Talks

Andy Fitch

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Sixty Morning Talks: Serial Interviews with Contemporary Authors provides sixty transcribed interviews with poets who released books in 2012. Rather than advance an overarching argument concerning “the state of poetry,” this book engages a broad range of authors often subdivided into ideological, aesthetic, generational, national and identity-based camps, and taps the accessibility of vernacular speech to offer new means of comparative study, cross-reference and discursive collaboration.

With an Afterword by Amaranth Borsuk.

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FG: So saying collaborative writing can be redemptive, that’s already an act. That makes something happen.

AF: I appreciate the premise that ecopoetics emerges from a critique, rather than a reaffirmation, of Western subjectivity. I like John’s implication that Redstart’s dialogic structure prevents present global trajectories from seeming irreversible, since potential always remains for a shift in momentum. But before we get too far, can you give a brief sense of what you mean when referring to the big glossed lie of “‘experiencing nature.’” What makes this phrase a lie? Why does that equal the death of nature?

FG: That’s John’s phrase, and John also says in the preface that we have no landscape to speak of. He insists that as soon as we’ve identified a landscape, we have separated ourselves from it. Historically this leads to tragic consequences.


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About the Author

Andy Fitch

Andy Fitch’s most recent books are Sixty Morning Talks and (with Amaranth Borsuk) As We Know. With Cristiana Baik, he is currently assembling the Letter Machine Book of Interviews. He has a collaborative book forthcoming from 1913 Press. He edits Essay Press and teaches in the University of Wyoming’s MFA program.