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The Haptic Cold
The Haptic Cold

Lily Brown

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Buy"A kind of descriptive internal monologue akin to a series of perfect silences."

Taking the body as a site of deep-seated physical and emotional responses, the poems in The Haptic Cold enact shifts in habitual relationships between the body and all it encounters. These poems explore transformation and stasis, connection and separation, revealing how perception provides us the opportunity to experience the world from multiple perspectives at once.

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If something outside the mind
makes the mind—

I’d rather a ceiling wet with river,
the elemental basement,
cement’s slick grit.

Up on the gusty terrace,
experimental glass takes yellow

light down into
its purple middle and
fits it in cellar grey.

At the bottom stair,
I play the alchemical fan

and its pedals
wing the composite up.

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About the Author

Lily Brown
Photo credit: Allison Firor
Lily Brown was born and raised in Massachusetts. She is the author of the full-length collection of poetry, Rust or Go Missing (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2011). Her poems have appeared in publications including American Letters and Commentary, Boston Review, Colorado Review, Fence, Gulf Coast, Pleiades, and elsewhere.