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Normandy Raven Sherwood: Animals vs. Furniture
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Illustrator: Jesse Hawley

Artist Book | $18 ($12 direct from UDP)
Hand-bound. 36 pp
Publication Date: December 1, 2013
Distribution: Direct-only
Series: Picture Book

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Animals vs. Furniture recounts the life-or-cushions struggle between the eponymous creatures and household objects, as witnessed by a seemingly hapless narrator. 

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03.06.14 | A Hundred Thousand Hours and Animals vs. Furniture in The Huffington Post

Normandy Raven Sherwood

Normandy Raven Sherwood writes and performs and makes by hand. She is a member National Theater of the United States of America. With NTUSA, she has collaborated on ABSN:RJAB  (PS122), What's That On My HEAD!?! (NEST) and SuperConfidence!  (Galapagos). As an actress she has appeared in movies by Hal Hartley and Jeff Burns.

Jesse Hawley

Jesse Hawley is an artist, theater maker and craftsperson. She is also a co-founder of the National Theater of the United States of America, with whom she has been collaboratively making theater since 2000. With the NTUSA she designs and makes sets, costumes and props, writes songs and performs.  Jesse has studied painting and printmaking, and works as a decorative artist beautifying fine homes and establishments throughout NYC. She has collaborated with Normandy Sherwood on many  projects.