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Stained Glass Windows of California
Stained Glass Windows of California

Julien Poirier

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Filip Marinovich writes about Julien Poirier, "He is a public investigator who reports openly to anybody who'll pause and listen." When Poirier writes, "Jehovah’s Witnesses / grouping on the sunny cracked driveway, / cyclops in forests of rosemary and juniper," we find ourselves challenged by a weird ideal of journalistic objectivity. Facing the continuity of a Jehovah's witness, sunlight on a driveway, and a cyclops in a forest of spices, who's to say one is a thing more familiar than another?


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It's the end of

April 2008 and John Wheeler is still alive, the

    gun that killed

George Tiller

 lies in pieces

       Wichita fetus

remotely controlling the Sphinx's eyes 

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About the Author

Julien Poirier

Julien Poirier was a founding member of Ugly Duckling Presse, where he co-edited the first seven issues of 6x6 and edited New York Nights newspaper from 2001 to 2006. He lives in California with his wife and daughters.