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Eugene Ostashevsky: The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza
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~Poetry~ | $15 ($12 direct from UDP)
Smyth-sewn. 128 pp, 4.75 x 7 in.
ISBN 978-1-933254-44-9
Publication Date: November 10, 2008
Distribution: ~SPD~
Series: EEPS

“Superhero philosophers and monsters made of math. Epistemology, logic, and the limits of language; meaninglessness, irony and hope. This is deeply serious, and very funny, stuff.” —NICOLE KRAUSS, author of The History of Love

“If you haven’t yet met Eugene Ostashevsky’s alter ego, that New Philosopher DJ Spinoza, you have a delightful treat in store. These multi-layered lyric/narrative poems are zany, profound, hilarious, imaginative, and technically brilliant (what with their rhyming, echolalia, sound play). Ostashevsky is the true heir, not only of the Oberiu poets whom he has translated so brilliantly, but also of Gogol. He understands that today it is more imperative than ever to know ‘how to tell the truth / and why.'” —MARJORIE PERLOFF, author of 21st Century Modernisms
The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza is a lovable little book.” —BOOKSLUT
“You’re not going to find too many poetry collections that are this action-packed.” —CATHY PARK HONG at The Poetry Foundation 
Eastern European Poets Series #23. 
[ excerpt ]
What do you think, says DJ Spinoza,
am I free?
You are free
if you think you are free,
says God.
Do you think I am free to think so?
says DJ Spinoza.
Are you trying to do an infinite regress?
says God.
No, I mean it,
says DJ Spinoza.
You are free to think so 
and you are free when you think so,
says God.
And what happens when I am not thinking I am free?
says DJ Spinoza.
Then you aren’t,
says God. 


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Eugene Ostashevsky

Eugene Ostashevsky is a Russian-born American poet from New York City. His debut poetry collection, Iterature, displays the dissonant rhythms, heavy unexpected rhymes, and multilingual puns that occupied him at the turn of the century, as well as a healthy interest in mathematics. The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza employs characters such as MC Squared, Peepeesaurus, the Begriffon and, of course, DJ Spinoza, to explore the shortcomings of axiomatic systems with the insouciance and energy of Saturday-morning cartoons. He has edited an English-language anthology of Russian absurdist writings of the 1930s by such authors as Alexander Vvedensky and Daniil Kharms. His PhD dissertation was on the history of zero. He teaches the humanities at New York University.