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Where We Expect to See You Soon
Where We Expect to See You Soon

Michael Ford

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These poems are written in a form that I call an 89. The basic dimensions of the form can be discovered by counting the number of lines in “The New Atlantis,” as well as the number of lines in each stanza and the number of syllables in each line. Even when this form disintegrates in particular lines, each poem clings to the number 89. I am fond of this number. It is a prime number, a member of the Fibonacci sequence, the tail end of a count to 10. 8 is also 2 to the 3rd power, and 9 is 3 to the 2nd. And of course, there are 7 89s in this book.     —Michael Ford

Excerpt ˇ


Men in raincoats—lean against—
          the color given them—in the print
shop—A little rectangle—in-
          venting—in its transit—the place it
will come to rest—A language—with-
          in the shape of language—Birds within—
the shapes of birds—

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About the Author

Michael Ford lives in New Orleans. He is the author of Carbon (UDP 2006) and Olympia Street (Trembling Pillow 2007) and the chapbooks Where We Expect to See You Soon (UDP 2011) and Swing One Hand (UDP 2003). His poems have appeared in the North Carolina Review of Books, 6x6, and Yawp: A Journal of Poetry and Art.