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Surprised by French Fries
Surprised by French Fries

Joel Dailey

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Out of Print"Joel Dailey is the Robinson Jeffers of Post-Pop"

"I have used Poetry to gain substantial wealth & spiraling social status."

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You've earned an exciting new cell phone
Just ahead of the opening bell
Crawfish fascinating wildlife in a ditch
Now & then we wrestle with indoor air quality issues
"It's just like being inside but you're outside"

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About the Author

Joel Dailey
Joel Dailey lives in New Orleans and teaches writing at Delgado College. Recent books are Lower 48 and My Psychic Dogs My Life.

Advance Praise

Dailey uses an extremely sharp facet of the Language Crystal to operate on a flabby world that has the nerve to be his…. Joel Dailey is the Robinson Jeffers of Post-Pop…. His work contains also the most thorough on-going critique of pretension in whatever form she may have been proclaimed.....—ANDREI CODRESCU