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Little Richard the Second
Little Richard the Second

Gregg Biglieri

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Filled with wry puns, clever turns of phrases, and tautologies that knock the reader over from a slant, Little Richard the Second adds a bit of tutti frutti to the regalia of the eternal bard.

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From Little Richard the Second:

Words hurt not
Because 'blue'
Is not blue

But words are
Pebbles and waves
An ocean

That is not
Waving and is
Not an ocean

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About the Author

Gregg Biglieri
Gregg Biglieri is the author of several books of poetry, including Sleepy with Democracy (Cuneiform Press 2006), I Heart My Zeppelin (Atticus Finch 2005), and Reading Keats to Sleep (Cuneiform Press 2003). He lives in Buffalo.