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Landscapes of Fire and Music
Landscapes of Fire and Music

G. L. Ford

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Out of Print"The poetry in this book is phenomenal."
Landscapes of Fire and Music collects poems Ford wrote in Berkeley, CA, between 1996 and 2000.Excerpt ˇ


From Landscapes of Fire and Music:

I have been sifting cellar earth
for signs of you,
blunting my fingers with prizing up flatstones
for clues you never buried:
splinters of gold
from your splinter-light eyes
or the wings you plucked
from the heart of words
you could not say.

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About the Author

G. L. Ford
Photo credit: Mary Catherine Ford
G. L. Ford was a founding member of the Ugly Duckling Presse collective and a founding editor of 6x6. His poems have appeared in The Brooklyn Review and LVNG, among others. Chapbooks of his work have been published by UDP and Cy Gist Press. He resides in Harlem.

Advance Praise

The poetry in this book is phenomenal. I read it in a motel room in Minneapolis; I’d just had my heart broken and was in Minneapolis by myself, trying to escape the ghosts, and a lot of the poems in here are about ghosts, in one way or another. I read it, then wrote a poem that is still one of my favorites I’ve ever written; the next day, I hopped a train for the very first time.—Rust Belt Jessie blog
Landscapes of Fire and Music is incredible. . . . I loved . . . the little moments that felt as great as Hughes' best work -- or even Seamus Heaney.—LitNav blog