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Sea Shanties of Old Vermont
Sea Shanties of Old Vermont

Aaron Tieger

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Out of Print"Start the riot"


IV. Sea Shanties of Old VT

These are the songs
we used to sing: Will the circle
be unbroken shallow oh
shallow brown I'm a fool
to do your dirty work

sweet Sally MacLennan will I see
you tonight bass! how low
can you go on a downtown train
you got me ringing hell's bells
this is my condition

and we saw St. Elmo's Fire
spitting ions in the ether

start the riot


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About the Author

Advance Praise

Sea Shanties of Old Vermont weaves a nostalgia-producing return trip to Brattleboro with the memories now ghosting this one-time home of the author. A straightforward earnestness, given a jolt of punk rock angst . . .covers Tieger’s acquaintance-infested Vermont.—Noah Eli Gordon