Ugly Duckling Presse


Anthony Hawley

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Out of Print"Afield disrupts expectations before one has even opened it."


Night we move full sail and fathom
mudflat's dark terrain oft pilfer
puddles' depth rinse cheeks and drown
out speech be sure pin one
poppy to lapel no more
flower for miles beyond you my
paludal patch keep this relic of
the barely habitat

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About the Author

Advance Praise

The shifting that takes place in Anthony Hawley’s Afield seems to be one of continuous thwarted approach, where the inclusive pronoun “we” crawls, camps out and canoes through a linguistically amorphous, neo-pastoral landscape. The journey here is as much in the rhythmic ricochet of assonance, produced by colliding syntax, as it is in the actual varying terrain the words themselves represent.—Noah Eli Gordon