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The Invention of Perspective
The Invention of Perspective

G. L. Ford

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Out of Print"no figure's gesture / missing or partial."

The Invention of Perspective is a poem based in large part on Leon Battista Alberti's "On Painting" (1435) and Piero della Francesca's "On Perspective in Painting" (1474). It was first printed in an edition of 25 for the Spring Greetings reading series in April 2008, and reprinted in an edition of 162.

Excerpt ˇ


You must be sure
that the scene
    within the frame you have chosen

is complete,

no color

or shade,

no figure's gesture
missing or partial.

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About the Author

G. L. Ford
Photo credit: Mary Catherine Ford
G. L. Ford was a founding member of the Ugly Duckling Presse collective and a founding editor of 6x6. His poems have appeared in The Brooklyn Review and LVNG, among others. Chapbooks of his work have been published by UDP and Cy Gist Press. He resides in Harlem.