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Rachel Levitsky

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Neighbor’s mutable, shifty narrator alternately reifies and attempts to refuse the constricting, separating, culture-load bearing wall between lovers and neighbors.

About the Author

Rachel Levitsky
Rachel Levitsky's second book, Neighbor, is published by Ugly Duckling Presse (2009). Levitsky’s first full length volume, Under the Sun was published by Futurepoem books. Levitsky writes poetry plays, three of which (one with Camille Roy) have been performed in New York and San Francisco. In 1999, Levitsky founded Belladonna Series ( as a means to amplify the hushed existence of the feminist avant garde practice of writing.

Advance Praise

Nearly touching are the ethical realm of our obligation to others and the aesthetic world of our freedom from such obligations. Levitsky's Neighbor confronts this imaginary dividing line—in the process, creating a poetry that both provokes community and critiques our social habituations. This is my neighborhood. —CHARLES BERNSTEIN
Neighbor is a sweet saga of disconnection. A collectivity of loss. Rachel should be working for the city of New York. 'I've decided to use my obsession/with my neighbor as the context/for a discussion of the State.' That in itself is incredible. —EILEEN MYLES
In and outside the window of Rachel Levitsky's apartment lie sadness, amusement and conflicted regard for the weirdo constructs of faith and scum politics. Her poet energy is a sweet intellect with lazy compulsive lines dropping onto a free and wishful page, ok with semi-resolve amidst the minor clatter of daily lust.—THURSTON MOORE