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Julien Poirier: El Golpe Chileño
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~Poetry~ | $15 ($13 direct from UDP)
Perfect-bound. 128 pp, 7 x 10 in.
ISBN 978-1-933254-60-9
Publication Date: November 17, 2010
Distribution: ~SPD~

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El Golpe Chileño is Julien Poirier’s first book, not counting chapbooks and a newspaper novel. It runs naked through letters and cartoons dated 1991-2009. The title comes from a thief’s trick practiced in Barcelona in the 1980s.

View excerpts from El Golpe Chileño:
“At Biff’s”
and “Blonde Sadie”


El Golpe Chileño, signed & numbered by the author
Prawn State Byways, CD with booklet of liner notes, lyrics, stickers, photos and drawings bound and signed by Tony Norris and Julien Poirier.

$500 : Available for Purchase Online

Prawn State

Prawn State Byways is 80-or-so minutes of sonic apostrophes whose handles drop bars like a bunch of harmonic unicycles trading rookie hyphens out of the back of a boom box in a glade. On a CD. Tony Norris and I set out to make the greatest mix tape ever, having tapes of our hair going back to 5th grade (1981), so that makes 29 years of Tony and me and everyone who was there played backwards, bleeding through drums. Sometimes I don’t know what to listen to late at night … I want to listen to walls turned way up—Raudive voices. Sworn enemies made up almost everything here on the spot … but like I said, it took us 29 years to put some of the rest in one place, and this CD is probably just a place to start. A sound city you’re invited to visit and hang out in for a spell. I made a tape of shortwave radio on the eve of the Gulf War, January 17, 1991, by taping over Tammy’s tape of Allen Ginsberg whose voice I didn’t know yet—”America stop pushing I know what I’m doing”—between John Major softserve woe & “Very superstitious writing on the wall” pulled down from THE VOICE OF AMERICA—then lost it. Where?

Prawn State Byways is what my Lost Tape is playing (on repeat. Forgets it’s rolling. Thinks it’s thinking what it’s hearing.) when it’s driving all alone and the moon rushes out from behind the pre-med woodpeckers, waving the full sweep of the Botched Plan.

—Julien Poirier

Sample Tracks from Prawn State Byways:
For Pete’s Sake       Carrolton Jail Incident

Poirier and Norris    


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Julien Poirier

Julien Poirier was a founding member of Ugly Duckling Presse, where he co-edited 6×6 and edited New York Nights newspaper from 2001 to 2006. His editorial projects included Jack Micheline’s One of a Kind, Steve Dalachinsky’s In Glorious Black & White, Stan Apps’s Soft Hands, and Cedar Sigo’s Selected Writings (editions 1 and 2). He is the author of El Golpe Chileno (UDP), the UDP chapbook Stained Glass Windows of California and numerous other chapbooks. He lives in Berkeley, CA, with his wife and daughters.