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6X6 #2: Say the Words
6X6 #2: Say the Words "Pickle Time"

6x6 Poets

Poetry/Periodical/6x6 $2
Poems by John M. Bennett, Joel Dailey, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Michael Ford, R. Cole Heinowitz, Genya Turovskaya. Excerpt ˇ


From 6x6 #2:

Pt.4 The History of Chicago

The glaciers receded
leaving a lot of Irish
chewing tin cans
on the south and west sides
like goats. Life was hard
in those days and the smell was awful
but everyone was almost
too busy to notice.
There were empires to build,
a city to burn,
intestines to pull
as tight as razors
a thousand miles long.
It was very hectic
and the newspapers
had a lot to say.
Then the rain came.
Everybody blamed the blacks.

—Michael Ford

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