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Indeed, Insist
Indeed, Insist

Bethany Ides

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Out of Print"Having counted the notches, you cite three witnesses."


Having counted the notches, you cite three witnesses.

- a finger in one’s ear
- a finger in one’s earhole
- one’s tree knot or notch

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About the Author

Bethany Ides (formerly Bethany Wright) received her MFA from Bard College.  Her installation and performance work has been presented at galleries and museums in New York and Portland, OR.  She co-founded FO (A) RM, an interdisciplinary forum for arts & research, and is author of 3 poetry chapbooks, including Indeed, Insist (a mystery) [Ugly Duckling, 2005]. She teaches time-based art and contemporary art theory in both the MFA and BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art.