Ugly Duckling Presse


Dan Machlin

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from 6x7:

ZERO: Your eyes are green grass.
EPITOME: Not to mow?
ZERO: No. Wild grasses.
EPITOME: As if wheat?
ZERO: Then I would bake bread!
EPITOME: Sourdough?

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About the Author

Dan Machlin
Dan Machlin was born and raised in New York City. He is the author of Dear Body: (UDP) and several chapbooks: 6x7 (UDP), This Side Facing You (Heart Hammer Press), and In Rem (@ Press), as well as Above Islands (Immanent Audio), an audio CD collaboration with singer/cellist Serena Jost. His poems and reviews have appeared in The Poetry Project Newsletter, Talisman, Antennae, Crayon, Soft Targets, Boog Literature, and The Brooklyn Rail. Dan is the founding editor and publisher of Futurepoem books, a former contributing editor of The Transcendental Friend, and a former curator of The Segue Series at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.