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Being a collection of images and texts that tangentially relate to the history of the Presse since its inception in 1993, provided gratis to one and all at Artbook at P.S.1 during the month of March 2010; with pictures from life and transcriptions of the fabulous and true adventures and events that did happen in various locations on the Eastern Seaboard and other places farther afield—together with notes, sketches, lists, diagrams, commentary, & etc.,—compiled from works both original and subsequently modified; with certain annotations by collective members; the whole being printed during the short days and long nights of winter 2010 in Long Island City by Linco Printing for Ugly Duckling Presse and now offered up to you.Excerpt ˇ


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Anatomy of UDP 


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About the Author

UDP Collective

The UDP Collective is the volunteer editorial and administrative core of Ugly Duckling Presse. 

The current UDP Collective members as well as past editors and editors-at-large are listed on the "people" page, here.

Founding editors are G. L. Ford, Ellie Ga, Yelena Gluzman, Filip Marinovich, Marisol Limon Martinez, Julien Poirier, Matvei Yankelevich.

For more information about our mission and collective structure, please see the about page.