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Christine Hume

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Out of Print" the voice of instinct, one in which 'Holes in the words dilate and dream.' "

Lullaby: Speculations on the First Active Sense is an essay-poem with a soundtrack. The text uses the lullaby to investigate rhythm as innate instinct and drive. James Marks is the musician behind the CD that accompanies the text, which is a collage of found sounds interlaced with a more traditionally composed acoustic guitar instrumentation. The music is meant to give the reader a more engrossed and nuanced sense of the “event” of the text and of the lullaby itself as an all-encompassing, complex sensory experience.

About the Author

Christine Hume
Christine Hume has taught at Illinois Wesleyan University and is currently an Associate Professor of English at Eastern Michigan University, where she also hosts an internet radio program called Poetry Radio. Her writing and criticism have appeared in Denver Quarterly, Contemporary Literature, Rain Taxi, Chicago Review, and Womens Studies Quarterly. Musca Domestica, Hume's first book of poetry, was published in 2000 by Beacon Press. Her second book, Alaskaphrenia, was published in 2004 by New Issues. Her most recent book, Shot, was published in 2010 by Counterpath Press.

Other Contributors

James Marks
Educated in music by the loneliness of the pre-dawn happenstance electronics, James Marks lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his wife and two children.

Advance Praise

Lullaby is the voice of instinct, one in which “Holes in the words dilate and dream.” And in their dream, ears can “pant” quite naturally, like mouths lapping at a “rhythm” that “localizes the infinite.” At its best, Lullaby becomes a “bacterial” presence covering us “over with [its] skin” until the “I” is “carried away.” Yet what I like best about Lullaby is its ultimate call to wakefulness; the way text and music point us back to a mutually shared, constant backdrop of things to hear.—Chris Glomski, Jacket2