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M. Kasper

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"It's a lovely package, the book itself, an accordion-fold essay " — Ander Monson

Open-Book, An Illustrated Essay, is an accordion-fold book of eleven five-line observations on an ancient form of interior décor, a sublime aspect of authority, known as marble revetment. The texts in Open-Book float on marble simulations made using the drawing and filtering functions of photo-manipulation software.

About the Author

M. Kasper has been publishing in literary and art magazines and with small presses for forty years. In an entry on him in The Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes (1993; 2000), Richard Kostelanetz wrote, "His colleagues commonly rank his tart visual/verbal fictions among the best," and Christopher Middleton says "A Kasper a day keeps the moodles away." Kasper's previous books, all of which mix words and pictures, include Border Crossing (1973), Chinese-English Sentence Cards (1979), Billy! Turn Down that TV! (1983), Verbo-Visuals (1985), Plans for the Night (1987), All Cotton Briefs (1985; 1992), Iconoclasm in Pontus (1999), The Shapes and Spacing of the Letters (1995; 2004), and Open-Book (UDP 2010). He has also done a few translations: Saint Ghetto of the Loans, by Gabriel Pomerand (with Bhamati Viswanathan, UDP 2006), The Development of Aerial Militarism, and The Demobilization of European Ground Forces, Fortresses and Naval Fleets, by Paul Scheerbart (UDP 2007), Correspondance: The Birth of Belgian Surrealism (with Jan Baetens, forthcoming). M. Kasper was born in the Bronx (1947), lived overseas for some years, and for the last many has been in Western Massachusetts, working as a librarian.